On 10.02.2021 I was allowed to give a KeyNote at the Security Conference ISX of the Vogel IT Verlag. The publisher has some cool formats which one or the other might know. For example Security Insider and IT Business belong to it 😉

What was that about?

I have explained (in the very short 15 minutes 🙂 in the presentation three bullet points


Pointing out typical mistakes in companies, which often lead to serious security problems in my penetration tests -> and possible countermeasures 😉 – 3:50

Unbelievable but true

Practical experience of a pentester. – 10:30

Why is “cybering” so hard?

An attempt to show the right way for more information security. – 14:56

Video and slides


The digital platform used was outstanding and I had extremely fun at the event. Many thanks to the whole Orga team!