Free vulnerability scans for COVID19 fighters

Due to COVID19, since February 2020, many companies have found themselves in very stressful situations, both financially and in terms of personnel. In addition, it became clear to many how dependent they actually are on IT.
In addition, attackers are taking advantage of this unusual situation (increased use of home offices, remote access to the corporate network, email communication, overburdened IT departments, etc.), which has led to an exponential increase in the number of cyberattacks.

I have thought long and hard about how HanseSecure can make a contribution to help others during this difficult time. Due to the fact that our core business is technical security audits, it was obvious for me to offer a service in this area. In order to put as little strain as possible on the already very busy IT departments, I decided to do a vulnerability scan of the publicly accessible systems
– The perimeter scan

Direct contact

Email to:
COVID19 Supporter

Perimeter scan

During the perimeter scan, a vulnerability scan is performed on all publicly accessible systems (at the perimeter). This gives an overview of the information security of systems that can be attacked from all over the world in a very short time.


Basically, of course, you decide which systems are to be checked, whereby we recommend to consider all systems at the perimeter. We check the following aspects of the systems

  • Patch levels
  • Gross configuration errors
  • Weak passwords
  • Email Security Configuration
  • Communication encryption (HTTPS configuration)
  • Used or unused security features of web servers
  • unprotected directories
  • affected users of password leaks

Eligible companies

I would like to support primarily companies or authorities, which fight for all of us against COVID19. The following areas are affected:

  • Healthcare
  • Social facilities
  • Vaccine supplier/ manufacturer etc.

*If your company does not fall into these categories, but is also in a difficult situation due to COVID19 and your business critical systems are located at the perimeter, you are still welcome to send us a request.


  1. Contact us (see below)
  2. Transmission of the domains & IP addresses to be tested
  3. Reconciliation scanning period (approx. 2 working days)
  4. Receipt of the final documentation
  5. Fix vulnerabilities & optimize security ūüėČ


Send us a short email to with the subject: COVID19 Supporter and describe briefly (maximum 5 lines ūüėČ why the scan should be performed at your site. We will let you know after a short time whether we can help you and provide you with further information accordingly.


Florian Hansemann – CyberWarship on Twitter
Managing Director