security awareness

What’s that?

A company’s personnel usually represent the easiest and fastest way for attackers to penetrate the network. This is usually done via phishing emails or specialized techniques. The goal is to exploit the human as a weak point and to influence his actions (e.g. opening a file, taking action). The risk can only be minimized by making people aware and thus actively raising their awareness. For this purpose, HanseSecure uses, for example, phishing emails or full-scale social engineering attacks to train people to act directly.


For HanseSecure, Offensive Security is a focal point in the area of IT security. Therefore, the continuous development of techniques in the field of phishing and social engineering is focused. With the realistic phishing emails and social engineering attacks, the client is shown the current risk of the company with such threats. In addition, personnel receive hands-on training without spending additional time on classes or training materials.