Security Consulting & Analysis

What’s that?

In addition to services from the area of offensive security (vulnerability scans, penetration tests or redteaming), HanseSecure offers classic consulting and analyses in the area of information security. The content and objectives are adapted to the concerns of the client and his company, individually developed and recorded. HanseSecure sees itself as an informative partner here. The consultation is manufacturer-neutral, which ensures a purely objective assessment. Examples of consulting and analysis are: Assessment of a security incident / Analysis or optimization of a web application firewall and associated processes / Creation or revision of a holistic ISMS.


Even the best technical security measures offer no protection if they are inadequately configured or lack the appropriate processes to control them. Therefore, on the one hand, the corresponding concepts, which define the necessary processes for the respective use cases, must be created and, on the other hand, already implemented solutions or incidents must be professionally analyzed.