Since 26.04.2021 we are pleased to introduce our colleagues from“Corporate Trust Business Risk & Crisis Management GmbH” as our first technical partner:

Here is a short presentation of our new colleagues:

corporate trust

Corporate Trust is your strategic partner in risk and crisis management. As a management consultancy for security services, we support companies, organisations and private individuals in the high-level security sector.

Security concepts should be so effective and discreet that you are best not even aware of their existence. This is exactly our mission: to create an environment in which you can concentrate on your goals and the goals of your company in complete safety and without interruption. The focus is always on the human being.

Services Corporate Trust

  • Digital Forensics & Incident Response
    In-depth forensic investigations both network and host-based, project management or consulting to restore business as quickly as possible in a secure environment, and professional negotiation with extortionists as far as an experienced crisis communications team.
  • Classic security
    President, Payment or Goods Diversion), background checks of business partners or interconnection analyses of suspicious persons.

Together with our specialized capabilities in Offensive Security & Security Research, we now cover all areas in Security & IT-Security!

We are looking forward to a great cooperation and exciting joint projects!