As promised on Twitter this post will document my steps through the OSWE exam preperation. Searching for available study material [...]

5. August 2019

Welcome to my next blog post. Today i want to show you some basic pentesting stuff. We will manually backdooring [...]

19. Juni 2018

This is just another very short usage guide for one of my little helper for pentesters and the like. During [...]

30. April 2018

This is a short usage guide which should explain my simple wrapper for the spike fuzzer, which you can find [...]

6. März 2018

As promised on Twitter here is my OSCE review. You can read my time line from before course enrolling until [...]

20. Februar 2018

While doing my preperation for the OSCE i found an exploit for the coolpalyer+ version 2.19.1 from 2009. I decided to [...]

19. Februar 2018

The last post for my SLAE certification is about encryption of shellcode. As usual you can find all my files [...]

23. November 2017

This task (pick up 3 shellcodes from Shell-Storm and use polymorphism to beat pattern matching) sounds really sophisticated but you [...]

10. Oktober 2017

Got time to read? This tasks was a bigger one. We have to pick 3 random metasploit payloads and analyze [...]

9. Oktober 2017

Hey ho, it’s time for some low-level shellcode encoding. After going through the encoder examples of the SLAE material i [...]

9. Oktober 2017