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Florian Hansemann

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Florian Hansemann is a redteamer, pentester and exploit hunter as well as a prolific twitterer and blogger. It’s one of the best sources for tweets and retweets of technical posts, links to scripts, plug-ins, exploit kits, and other new tools, as well as guides and tips for anyone interested in redteaming and pentesting.

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Florian Hansemann is an ethical hacker and penetration tester. His tweets and blog focus on tools and techniques of interest to redteamers. For example, he covers Tokenvator – a tool for extending permissions with Windows tokens or process injection into Windows.

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Florian grew up with IT and has grown steadily. He has been fascinated by IT systems since his early youth. He has been passionate and dedicated to IT Security, with a focus on Offensive Security. Florian has many years of in-depth professional experience and founded his company HanseSecure in 2014. HanseSecure with its highly specialized team is a qualified partner for companies of any size and industry.


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