What’s that?

Redteaming uses the most up-to-date and actively used methods from the field of cybercrime, cyber espionage and cyberwar. Perfidious attack vectors and obfuscation techniques are used to compromise the client’s company or network. Unlike penetration tests, the focus is not on detecting vulnerabilities, but on actively challenging the client’s security team (Blueteam). The so-called Blueteam is thus in the role of the ‘catcher’ and should consciously detect the intrusion and manipulations (of the Redteam) in the network or react accordingly.
Upon completion of the assessment, the identified vulnerabilities and their countermeasures are outlined and the Blueteam is shown how and when the Redteam’s actions could have been detected and prevented.
Redteaming assessments with professional sparing partners such as HanseSecure are the optimal way to check your own blueteam and provide realistic training based on an exciting competition.


The main goal of a redteam is to train or optimize the blueteam (security team client). With its focus on offensive security, HanseSecure forms a specialized and experienced partner for companies. HanseSecure was ranked among the top 21 redteaming sources in the world in 2018.