Achieve Goals Together

The market is big, the challenges even bigger – the IT sector is growing immeasurably and everyone wants to play. Not us! We deliberately do not want “faster, higher, further”, because that means mass processing and loss of quality.

We stand for quality and customer orientation

Together with its highly specialized team, HanseSecure stands for efficiency, quality and individuality. HanseSecure is a partner for companies of all sizes and industries. The range of customers is diverse and reflects the high level of trust placed in us by our clients (airports, small businesses, healthcare sector, automotive manufacturers, oil suppliers, nuclear power plants, medium-sized companies, etc.).

You will be hacked. Choose the Intruder.

Sensitize, prepare and train companies for the inevitable. We are the chosen intruder, which perfidiously breaks through the protective mechanisms. With our services, we offer companies more security through effective, highly specialized auditing and consulting. We are the supporting challenger in the fight against cyber attacks.

Security Elite sounds cocky?

Not with us! We are among Germany’s top cyber experts and are known beyond the borders! Internationally awarded several times, HanseSecure brings the market to a new level. But we are far from satisfied – standing still means going backwards!

With us, you are the center of attention.

We are a young, dynamic and open team. You are part of this team and are firmly integrated with your skills, your qualities and your ideas. Together we strive for continuous progress and further development. Get involved and become part of an up-and-coming company.

IT is your passion!

IT is not just two letters for you, but is linked to passion and knowledge. You are confident in using the internet and can google.

Up the ladder.

Courage, commitment and interest characterize you. You want to grow in yourself and your tasks. Your thirst for knowledge lets you climb higher and higher and you emerge stronger from setbacks.

Development involves process.

Change and growth do not scare you, but you understand them as a gain. You are ready to learn for your passion and to face new challenges. Commitment and dedication are a given for you to get ahead.