Penetration test


HanseSecure's precise penetration tests are performed by experts in the field of offensive security. Auditing mission-critical structures enables an objective and realistic assessment of how they are protected from targeted hacker attacks.

HanseSecure analyzes the company's information security using complex and up-to-the-minute attack techniques. Penetration tests are used to check designed processes of an implementation for security vulnerabilities. The differentiated testing is adapted to the company's needs. In addition to technical alignment, process structures can be considered at the personnel and organizational levels. Penetration testing is used to detect deep or multi-level vulnerabilities that cannot be detected by automated methods. The goal is to test the effectiveness of existing security measures in detail and to reveal complex security gaps. eratung is manufacturer-neutral, which ensures an objective assessment. The content is adapted to the individual situation of the company. The focus is on an exact detailed analysis of the safety-relevant issues. The aim is to provide the company with competent and effective advice on all information security issues and steps.