Top Security QuickFails: #6 The password choice: Much discussion, little implementation     An ordinary working day at Usability-First [...]

15. July 2022

#5 Attack of the CloneAdmins aka Missing LAPS The attack At FaulerHund AG in Munich, the employees are starting a [...]

29. November 2021

Half past six in the morning in Germany. Bianca at MedienBude GmbH starts her workday by checking her e-mail inbox. [...]

1. November 2021

#3 The “invisible” network shares The attack It’s Wednesday morning, the sun is shining and all ImmerGrün AG employees are [...]

26. August 2021

#2 Domain admins everywhere The attack It is a Monday morning and Kevin Vielzutun starts his monthly server check in [...]

15. June 2021

#1 Standard Office Macros Settings The attack Our employee of the month Peter Lustig receives [...]

6. June 2021

The prehistory In recent years, we have conducted an extremely large number of penetration tests at companies of all sizes [...]

6. June 2021