In the next few weeks you will be able to follow how the first HanseSecure company car was selected, purchased and “customized”. The whole thing was an extremely exciting and thrilling process for me personally, because

  1. A comparatively large investment
    So far there was nothing big besides my laptop and a few gadgets (salaries excluded 🙂
  2. Physically appear as a company
    Appearing at conferences or trainings in our small security community is a lot different than driving the company car to the grocery store xD
  3. No docker-compose down, docker-compose up -d
    If poop selected, then it remains so xD

The model selection

In fact, it became clear very quickly that it was not going to be a sports car. After all, I am not only an entrepreneur, but also a family man of 2 children + dog 🙂 Therefore, in addition to the requirement “cool” there was still the question of storage space and possible uses. It was also clear that the car should really stand out, i.e. mega paint or foiling.

The result

In the end we decided to buy a VW Bus T6.1. This had several advantages:

  • Sitting area with proper table in the back to work
  • Numerous USB and power connections
  • Large areas for advertising (yes, new customers are not bad either, so feel free to contact here xD)
  • Lots of storage space for hacking stuff and family 🙂

Next steps

Now that the car has been selected, configured, ordered and picked up, the next post is about visual optimization 😉

*This post is from the“HanseSecureCar blog series“.