On 29.06.2017, a series of lectures on the above topic was held at the entrepreneurial network GO Business – Geschäftskontakte Oberland in Bad Tölz. I was allowed to perform a live hack, which showed the audience how easy it is to access your data or to take over entire systems. The attack vectors were SpearPhishing emails with an “interesting” application, Evil-AccessPoints and a BadUSB. All attacks showed how a system can be taken over despite the most up-to-date operating system + antivirus + firewall.

My business partner Marcel Sternkopf, managing director of SecureHead, also referred to small/medium-sized companies and described by means of examples how to set up a suitable strategy with the help of partners even without own IT know-how in order to protect oneself against external threats and also internal gaps as well as furthermore how to develop for example a functioning, secured backup concept.

Thank you for this great event and I look forward to next time!