GRC.FIT Breakfast Talk 03/17/2023 @ 9am- 12pm.

7. February 2023

At the GRC.FIT Breakfast Talk, representatives from Allianz, IT auditors and security experts will discuss the increasing demand for cyber insurance due to the growing cyber threat situation and new security laws. This can be an important development for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, as they often do not have the resources to adequately protect themselves against cyberattacks.

However, by purchasing cyber insurance, SMEs can reduce their financial risk in the event of a successful attack and protect themselves against the costs of data loss, business interruption and other damages. In our GRC.FIT Breakfast Talk, we will also discuss what concrete solutions are available for SMEs to improve their cybersecurity and best protect themselves against potential threats.

We invite all interested parties to participate in this important discourse and benefit from the expertise of our alliance representatives, IT auditors and security experts.


When: 03/17/2023 @ 9 am – 12 pm

Where: Steelcase GmbH; Brienner Straße 42; 80333 Munich

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