Vulnerability in PasswordSafe (Mateso)

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Vulnerability in McAfee

A vulnerability in DXL Broker for Windows before allows local users to gain elevated privileges by exploiting weak directory controls in the logs directory. This can lead to a denial of service attack on the DXL Broker.

Vulnerability in Remote Desktop Commander Suite Agent

IF a customer a.) installed our Agent service in the default path C:\Programs\RDPSoft\Remote Desktop Reporter Agent and b.) has not softened the standard Windows NTFS permissions in the root of C:\ or under the C:\Programs folder. By default, standard users do not have permission to create new files in the root of C: or in […]

Vulnerability in DATEV

An insufficient configuration of the service allows an extension of the rights on the system level.

Vulnerability in Panda Security product

The Agent for Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is affected by a DLL hijacking vulnerability that could allow an attacker to use a specific service as an execution and/or persistence mechanism that could execute a malicious program each time the service is started.