Buy Me Rich: Detect Fake Shop

Christmas, BlackFriday, Summer Sale,… Every year there are periods when special offers are put online. This offers everyone the opportunity to make great bargains. At the same time, this time is also a haven for scammers to make decent money with so-called fakeshops. On these stores also “great” offers are made, which are usually even […]

HanseSecure in the ARD Munich Report

Common applicant portals provide a breeding ground for false job ads and the identity theft that accompanies them.
“Send us your resume and we need your data”, thus -MUCH THANKS for YOUR IDENTITY-.
Nothing is recognizable for applicants! This scam runs fast and uncomplicated. The danger- suddenly ignorance leads to punishment. Criminal proceedings for the bona fide applicant will follow.

Top Security QuickFails: #6 The password choice: Much discussion, little implementation

  Top Security QuickFails: #6 The password choice: Much discussion, little implementation     An ordinary working day at Usability-First AG in Munich. The 2000 employees are currently working on numerous major projects and are focusing on productivity accordingly. Nina Nixmerker is also immersed in your project. On Saturday morning, Nina dials in from the […]

Talk: GO Business No. 175

Good digitization. Evil digitization. After having given my last presentation at a GoBusiness event 4 years ago by now, I am very happy to have been invited again. This time there is no live hack, but the content is all the more exciting 😉If someone still has time & desire to be there on 29.04.2021: […]

No more (password) chaos!

The tiresome topic of passwords and their management. I am always asked how to solve this problem. Therefore, I decided to write a short guide for KeePass. So here we go 😉 #1 Installation and First Start First, you get the corresponding software from the official manufacturer and can choose between the portable or the […]

Mini basic protection for home

Every day, millions of people become victims of cybercrime. These are usually not targeted by professional hackers, but fall victim to large-scale attacks by chance. How does something like this happen? The attack vectors are versatile: Phishing e-mails Modified files Drive-by downloads Bad passwords Physical access Removable media (e.g. BadUSB) etc. Attackers permanently scan the […]

Detect phishing emails

Almost every day, users become victims of so-called phishing emails. Therefore, in this short post, I would like to point out the details that can be paid attention to in order to identify malicious emails. Of course, this is not a protection against spear phishing emails as used by professional hackers or penetration testers. I […]

Deceptive security: antivirus and firewall

We are safe because we have a virus scanner and a firewall! This statement is often the first to fall and should therefore be finally put right 😉 #1 Firewall A firewall prevents connections to unwanted services (actually ports, but we’ll get to that in a moment). This is done by blocking/closing ports which are […]

30 minutes to a secure WordPress blog

WordPress is still the tool of choice, especially for newbies, to quickly create a respectable website. All nice KlickiBunti, so without expertise 😉 Unfortunately, #InfoSec almost always falls by the wayside and the “admins” wonder about the new Russian language packs and additional AdminAccounts. Securing a WordPress website is not rocket science, so in the […]