HanseSecure at the Walkshow: Cyber. For sure!

21. April 2023

Expert talk by TÜV SÜD Academy

A joint walk and maximum input – this is what distinguishes the walk show of the TÜV SÜD Academy.
Florian Hansemann was invited as a security expert and presented concrete options for action for private individuals and companies.

Social engineering is something we encounter daily and at scale. Data from private individuals has become a good business model and the attacks are becoming more professional. Taking over a company usually takes elite hackers 3 – 5 hours of effort. The digital world is almost intangible and is growing inexorably.

Essential information on cybercrime & cybersecurity was listed in the conversation. Direct action instructions and tools were explained for individuals and companies (data backup, information about blog posts, password save, monitoring, etc.). The content was aimed at effectively increasing protection. Through the conversation and subsequent audience Q&A session with specific cases, the interview provides a comprehensive basic information package.

The clear appeal:

There are possibilities for action for everyone, which do not have any previous IT knowledge as a prerequisite. There are tools and information sources(blog), which lead to direct improvement of the security level.

Grab something to take notes, check out the Walk, and take away some qualified, free input!

Alternatively, you can of course book a meeting with us so that we can check whether and how we can help you personally.

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