Proxies: The invisible helpers of Internet traffic

Proxy servers act as intermediaries between clients and servers, improving security, optimizing performance and enabling efficient use of resources. There are two main types: forward proxies, which route outgoing traffic from clients to the Internet, and reverse proxies, which route incoming traffic from clients to backend servers.

HanseSecure recognized as one of the Top 100 Cybersecurity Leaders

Cybersecurity is a topic that is gaining more and more attention, with over 80,000 cyberattacks reported every day. In Germany alone, at least 92% of companies report that they have been affected by some type of cyberattack within a 12-month period. Fortunately, cybersecurity companies are constantly expanding their offerings to businesses and corporations to improve […]

Cooperation: Corporate Trust & HanseSecure

We are pleased to introduce our colleagues from“Corporate Trust Business Risk & Crisis Management GmbH” as our first technical partner since 26.04.2021: Here is a brief presentation of our new colleagues: Corporate Trust Corporate Trust is your strategic partner in risk and crisis management. As a management consultancy for security services, we support companies, organizations […]

HMV-01: Automatically generated screenshots

Description Screenshots of applications that are moved to the background are created for better user experience. Unfortunately, other apps can access them, exposing sensitive data such as banking information, passwords, or personal information. Example All applications in the background can be viewed (screen shots). Countermeasures Use the FLAG_SECURE to hide the screen when an app […]