Best of the World in Security: Keynote Speaker

23. May 2021

When I was asked to be a speaker for a ‘special’ conference some time ago, my first thought was fake/spam/scam or something else.

The title and scope of the event sounded completely absurd, which is why I initially unheard in my network to find out that this is not a fake…

So I agreed to the organizer and shortly after received the official invitation as a

Keynote Speaker at Best of the World in Security with an audience of 15,000+ (past years’ experience)…

Now, at the latest, one or the other reader will understand why I had my doubts.
In addition, there are the other keynotes from a security cloud architect at Google, the vice president of IBM Security or the chief researcher at Mcafee. And in the middle & as the first German, the Flo xD

After my excitement had settled at least a bit, I asked the organizer how I slipped into this lineup and his answer surprised me again. The event has no sponsors, but all speakers are nominated and selected by a jury 🙂

I’m really looking forward to the event, even though I have incredible respect for the lineup!

Either way I will report here and on Twitter😉

Update from 20.06.2021

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!

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